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  1. Danny says:

    Hey man,
    How can I get some of your songs? It’s good stuff

  2. Nik Snyder says:

    Is there any way i could get one of your Cds or maybe you could send me the mp3s? I saw you at coachella but i didnt have any money with me at the time, you were utterly incredible though. How much would the cost be for your recording?
    Nik Snyder

  3. Corey Jeffrey says:

    Truly inspiring, I caught you at Bonnaroo and I was absolutely distraught thinking I would not be able to find you without a name, but even your image precedes you! Energy like no other and a great show all around, thank you!

  4. shibby says:

    awesome music man. dosent matter what you play as long as you play it with your soul :D would love to buy a full release of your stuff, if you ever need a 7string guitarist in the future hit me up :D hope the best for you good luck :D

  5. Jeff Shull says:

    Like the music and the fact you entertain kids. Live Clermont but grew up in a little place you may know, Mohawk.
    Saw your documentary about Mark. I grew up with him. Get a hold of us if you get a chance.

  6. Young lovers says:

    Please upload the video you took sunday night! I’m on my way home from bonnaroo and i want to show every person i know the magic of super paul, tall! I will also flood bonnaroo with emails about you:)

    With love and adoration,
    Sunday night’s young lovers

  7. Young Lovers says:

    Also, please, please play at vibes! You alone would be worth the ticket! You can set up in our camp ground!


    Young lovers

  8. Adam Shapiro says:

    Just wanted to thank you for being the best way to close my day each night at pod 2!

  9. Aaron says:

    I hung out at your front porch Sat. night at LIB this past weekend. LOVED it.
    Your song to your daughter Charlie was one of the sweetest and most darling things in existence. Do you have a recording of it or a full CD of all your recordings?

    Looking forward to crossing paths with you again.


  10. Long live Slayer, thats all i gotta say.

  11. J Bird says:

    Mr. Paul, who’s super tall. I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy your music. Thank you so much for all that you do. I was blessed to have seen you at Electric Forest this year in Michigan, and ever since, I’ve been inspired.

  12. J Bird says:

    Sorry, it sent my last comment unbeknownst to me. My main question was what kind of BOSS loop do you use? I’m a fellow looper as well, and thus is why I was so inspired when I saw you. Thanks again, God bless

  13. keith scott says:

    I saw you at mind share and was so impressed. Loved your covers and your great vibe. Your music encouraged conversation and you seemed the perfect artist for the evening.

    Next time i hope you bring some music for us to purchase.

    Keep it

  14. Forest Creature 1 says:

    Super Tall Paul!! You’re awesome man. I saw a few of your sets at The Grand Artique at Electric Forest 2014. Your jams are amazing! Keep it up. If there is a place I can buy a CD let me know!!

  15. Jackie says:

    Hey there! Stumbled upon your amazingness at your late night show at electric forest. You were my favorite artist that I saw! If there is any possible way I could buy a cd I would love to get my hands on some of your tunes!!!! Please reply :) :):)


  16. Super Tall Paul!

    Hey buddy, going through your video from the 2014 SoCal LoopFest. You are awesome! Love seeing it all again.

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