Hello you! My name is SuperTallPaul and I am the host of this moment brought to you by the magic of the interwebs.  I’m a real live human being having a real live human being experience in front of you real live human beings on screens.  I welcome you to my silly world of the Jive Joint where we collectively create moments of “Now” simplify by agreeing to do so.

What I Do

Super Tall Paul is the World Champion Boss Looper, seasoned jazz musician, magician, comic extraordinaire, clowner and more!

JiveJoint is a meta-art installation in motion where the observer is the fuel of the creative mechanism. From jazz loops to spontaneous variety theater, all presentable mediums of expression are channeled through the filter of ‘now’.

The Helios Jive is a semi-conscious, organic computer vault that collects the essence of time periods in musical style and encapsulates them in a forever bubble of music performance to preserve forever.

Latest News

Paul Invites Friends
19 May 2022, Lipsum
Paul Invites Friends
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Paul Invites Friends
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