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Super Tall Paul

Well hello there!! Welcome to the official SuperTallpaul page. I am SuperTallPaul, your host for this moment. Hopefully, you can see a bit about me and then be able to say, we are now a little bit closer to being friends! Peruse, engage, download, and play. And when you’re done would it behoove you to share the fun with a friend or two?

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Meet the huge presence strolling the grounds: Super Tall Paul.

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Super Tall Paul is one of the contestants in the BOSS US Loop Station Finals.

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SuperTallPaul Newman from USA ― Second Prize

The BOSS Loop Station World Championship 3 hosted the final showdown of the Loop Station World Championship 3. Held at the House of Blues® in Anaheim, California, the event coincided with the NAMM Show.

What the Press Say!

“In the world of bass-stomping music festivals, it’s seldom that most folks have the chance to enjoy the soft strumming of a ukulele by a juggling championship looper with a vaudevillian flair...believe it or not. Yet one incredible artist has found a captive audience for such an act at music festivals all over. With The Jive Joint, a traveling stage "that unfolds like the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus," the multi-talented Super Tall Paul is making this aspiration a reality by successfully touring some of the best music festivals in North America, including: Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, Art Outside, Shambhala, Bonnaroo, Electric Daisy Carnival and Electric Forest, just to name a few. Since its inception, the Jive Joint has come to be a widely celebrated oasis in the increasingly electronic festival world, one that lends a refreshing calm amid funky, jazzy rhythms, beat-boxing, and a soulful voice that resounds like a lullaby through the night sky.”
Graham Berry, Fest300
“It was an amazing weekend, and the Jenkstars had a lot of fun pulling a variety of their own shenanigans. This year, we had a new mayoral candidate running for office. His name was Tim Burr and his plan was to chop down the forest to make way for new cabins that the people could sleep in next year. Turns out, people weren’t interested in that…nor were they interested in the conservative, hardworking, sweat-of-your-brow policies our neighbor WC Thornbush of Frontierville had to offer. Seems their heavy campaigning against each other turned the people to another source of hope. A tall ray of smiley sunshine, who is a man of the people, for the people, and by the people. That man, ladies and gentleman is none other than SuperTall Paul himself. In the great words of Sherwood’s new mayor “If you want to be something in this world all you gotta do is make a sign that says so, stand next to it and you are.” Well, Mr. SuperTall Paul, next year your sign will read “Mayor Tall Paul.”
Kirill Simenchik, Jenkstar
“Two years ago, the highlight of my experience at Austin’s Art Outside was a late night performance by Super Tall Paul. I had seen him perform many times before and I’d always had a blast at these shows. This one was particularly fun because I brought a friend who’d never experienced Paul’s unique brand of music and comedy. My friend couldn’t stop talking through the entire performance. “This is amazing.” “I’m blown away right now.” He went on and on about everything he liked, and I’ll never forget that over-the-top exuberance. A multitalented performer, Super Tall Paul has mastered a variety of musical instruments, comedy, magic, juggling, unicycling and clowning. There’s something charismatic abut his laid back, improvisational style; Super Tall Paul makes you feel more like you’re hanging out with your new friend in his living room rather than sitting in the audience watching a creative genius on stage.”
Kimbriel Dean,
"Super Tall Paul Does It All at Coachella." Coachella campers may have come across what appeared to be one of the many art exhibits on display at the campsite. Tthe Jive Joint, housing solitary performer Super Tall Paul (aka Paul Newman, multi-instrumentalist.) Inside the theater, Super Tall towers over his audience poised with his ukulele like a vaudevillian Tiny Tim on a small stage that could have been taken directly from a Terry Gilliam film. Crooning like a young Randy Newman, Paul enchants his subjects with interpretations of ’40s standards to upbeat hits from this weekend's Coachella performers. With no set schedule, Paul rewrites the contract between performer and audience. The act is always the same; the audience rotates in and out. This multifaceted traveling campground act wooed audiences from late night into the early morning with music, magic, and juggling. Performing the longest set of the weekend, Super Tall Paul did it all!
San Diego Reader
“Absolutely loved seeing you at Shambhala this year You have to be my favorite show that was there You have an amazing gift my friend, and I count myself lucky to have stumbled across you at the Wish Tree Im listening to your CD as I speak, on our road back home, and its taking me right back to that first night I found you Peace and Love my friend, keep up the fantastic work”
Festival Patron
“Super Tall Paul (or average height Paul) you were awesome amazing at electric forest on Saturday night, an absolute highlight of my trip into the magical world that is Sherwood Forest.”
Festival Patron
“Oh, my GOD. We were at Coache11a and met you there. We were just up having a great night and reminiscing and I thought what the eff? he's probably on social media. spent the last 20 min on youtube. LOVE YOU.”
Festival Patron
“You sir, are what made my Bonnaroo experience. Despite the amazing artists and unbelievable situations I found myself in, having you twenty feet from my tent was the icing on the cake. Thank you Super Tall Paul, thank you.”
Festival Patron
“Paul, your vast array of musical and comedic superpowers had our audience roaring! Thanks for coming out to play with us! Welcome to the Tribe!”
“best entertainer i've come across yet. you sir, know how to do it.”
Festival Patron
“You know what I love about festival season!?!? Super Tall Paul!!!!”
Festival Patron